Ways to maintain a peaceful marriage

Ways to maintain a peaceful marriage

You meet someone special, one you know you cannot do without, you desire to spend forever with them against all odds, or without odds whatsoever, you take the next step – have a wedding, it’s everything either of you wanted… or your parents. Then, the real deal – marraige begins, right after the honeymoon.   

Many are lucky, they have the understanding and the maturity to handle whatever it brings, they know that it isn’t about an individual mainly making solitary plans, moves or sacrifices. Some others start strong but miss it along the way because they ultimately found themselves and it wasn’t in the arms of their betrothed. Others, well, let’s just stick to the solution shall we.

Here are some ways to maintain a peaceful marriage.

More than Love

Discard all you’ve heard about love being the ultimate. It’s not. Ever so often you hear people still say they love someone but cannot continue in the marriage with them. And you wonder is it really love then. Love is just an ingredient basically, the one part of a lot of spices that make the meal, marriage, “sweet”. It is not enough to just feel it. Love is a person now, your spose, and your spouse has a lot of other characteristics or features, you have to handle and understand all of that that comes with “the” love. Learn to tolerate learn to understand, learn to adapt, learn to make sacrifices and learn to forgive the differences. Learn to respect, accept, tolerate, appreciate, encourgae. Be preprared to compromise, because that is one of the most important things about marriage. If you are not ready to be selfless, it’s best you remain single.

Be Independent

Be sure to be your own person. Before you begin the journey of unity be sure you are able to stand on your own and be your own person. Not knowing who you are and what you are capable of by yourself can be suffocating in the marriage. The understanding of growth is when the both of you can bring differences and similarities you have both discovered, and that you are both confident in, to the table. It’s a commitment, and if you are planning to have a family this is most important. To have a peaceful marriage you must first be at peace.


Be a good listener and be ready to talk about anything. The beautiful thing is you are both all you have so who else would you try this communication thing with if it isn’t the person you are spending your life with. Talk about anything and everything. And while you do this know that listening isnt the same as hearing. It is important to listen to your spouse. Do not dismiss anything. As long as it is important to your spouse, it is important to you too.

Be Spontaneous

Spice things up. Find things to do to spark up excitement. Get fun activities to do together. Travel, get a new hobby, discover a new sport or a spot. Have fun outside the routine.

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