Education – The importance of education and how to improve it

Education – The importance of education and how to improve it

It is pretty simple. There is no debate about the importance of education. Education of any kind for that matter. It is all about shaping minds. It is important for the personal, social and economic development of the nation. 

1. Increase funding to education sector

Both the government and the private sector should put in more fight and resources towards developing the education sector. The educational system of the country is suffering from decades of under-funding, and is therefore necessary for the government to design a workable plan towards funding education.

For example, UNESCO recommended 26% of a nations’ total budget to go to the education sector but since 1991, budgetary allocation to education has never crossed 10%. As efforts intensify to improving the current allocation, there is also need for monitoring how the funds that are currently allocated are being managed.

Establishment of more vocational and technical centers

Vocational and technical centers in Nigeria are few and are not properly staffed and equipped across the country. More of these need to be set up besaue it is what will aid in shaping minds. Training for the future can start here.

Free Education

Government should take responsibility of enrollment fees for secondary school external examinations and the primary six examinations.

Proper equipping of schools

Schools should be equipped and staffed to compete with the global economy.

Regular review of schools’ curricula to adopt new topics

This is another way to improve education in Nigeria. Subjects that enhance innovation and creativity should be introduced across board.

The curricula and syllabus of particular concern is the primary school syllabus which children learn at their tender age. This is the level of development that serious attention is given to the lessons the young children will receive.

There must be training and experience on the side of the teachers handling them. They must be tolerant and tactful. They must be alert to observe the performance and conduct of their pupils.

Learning with modern learning aids

Teaching aids like computers, libraries, and laboratories should be made available in schools for sharper learning.

Welfare package of teachers should be improved on

Money and a suitable working environment are the major motivating factors for workers, that being said salaries should be paid as at when due motivating the teachers to work and teach better.


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